Der Sternenschleifer

the stargrinder

is a travelling planetarium.
It searches for stories, records them, produces radioplays, generates star constalations out of them and presents it all together inside this camper.

Der Sternenschleifer
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Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (raumlaborberlin)
Anna Katharina Laggner (radiojournalist, vienna)
Assistent: Christina Kimmerle (raumlaborberlin)

An old caravan model >Eifelland Henerici 450< was changed into a cabriolet, ontop of which a 3m silver balloon can be inflated. The ballon is a projection screen for the 280° starprojector.
The Stargrinder has two spaces: the airgate and the projectionroom. the airgate has two functions: it is the workingspace for the team and the entreé to the starpresentation. The visitor gets a short introduction into the procedure (see below) and the stars of the night. a sliding door then leads into the inflatable planetariumspace, where you can watch the stars, while you listen to a local story.

tour 2006

from 21.09 - 15.10.06 the stargrinder was on tour through styria in austria, it collected four stories that where then presented in the villages as well as in Graz on the Campshow Steiermark on the festival Steirischer Herbst.


the procedure

Our sky is full of star constellations that have been named after stories from the greek and babylonian mythology. There is no more space for other stories. But the constellation that we know are only visible from the earth. As soon as you change place in the universe they look completely different. Like here for example

the big dipper:

to find (p.e.) the constellations related to stories from styria, you just have to find the right perspective in the universe. The stargrinder presents exactly this perspective.

We calculate the constellations of stars with the etonian method and then copy them onto the projectionball. Each story gets it´s own projectionball.

the stories

There are 4 stories that we present with the stargrinder. So far, unfortunately, they are in german-eh-austrian, thats even worse:
‘Suche Hausfrau’ Neumarkt
‘Das Leben ist wie Pluto’ Lippizanergestüt Piber
‘Die Pfarrermorde’ St. Kathrein/Tragöss im Lamingtal
‘Die Handschrift’ Riegersburg