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der ort der arbeit ist der palast der republik und der schloßplatz im zentrum berlins. der palast enthielt nebem der "volkskammer" dem parlament der ddr, eine reihe kulturtellerr und unterhaltender programme. unter dem vorwand der asbestsanierung begann mit ende der kohl-regierung der abriss. der aktuell vollzogene abriss ist eine fortsetzung der früh gesetzten politischen und faktischen signale. eine intensive diskussion wird geführt; die lager sind gespalten: soll die weiderherstellung eines in der 50er jahren abgrissenen schlosses angestrebt werden, ein gebäude mit distinkter form, ohne inhalt? oder das gegenteil: ein produktiver diskurs mit den mitteln der experimentellen kulturellen arbeit, der den ort neu denken hilft? ein prozess, der siech davor hütet den ort und sein mögliches potential definierend zu determinieren, sondern eine permanent sich redefinierende gehalt- und gestaltfindung, ein lokaler urbaner prozess.

the site of the work is the Palast der Republik and the Schloßplatz sqare in the center of berlin. The Palast contained the GDR parliament "Volkskammer", a variety of cultural and entertaining programs. it was closed and started to be dismantled under the excuse of asbestos contamination. the demolition of this building is imminent. historians, politcians, architects and feuilletonists are entangled in a discourse characterised by opposition: reconstruction of the prussian Schloß demolished in the 50s, leading to a building with a distinct form but no content; or the opposite: engage in a productive discourse to experiment and test potential cultural programs, that can sustain this site.

the proposal of central massif on the site introduces a hybrid approch. it is linking natural, landscape urban, and utopian ideas into one object. as a preview one mountain out of this massif was temorarily constructed in the summer 2005. in the multitude of programs and events in and around teh mountain, Gasthof Bergkristall and the mountain camp took their place just in front of the palast.


1 hotel advertisement
stay longer at the mountain! extend your stay at the palace! it's a unique place to enjoy all around the clock! stay in the middle of nature in the middle of the city! if fatigue hits you in your touristic explorations we can offer a choice of stays.

mountain camp: it's situated at the base of the mountain and in front of the 'Palast der Republik' in berlins central sqare, the 'Schloßplatz'. you will be staying in one of the tents situated in a 2-storey scaffolding structure. additional services include field kitchen (self-service), dining table, showers, pool an the magnificient view! the mountain camp is an ideal starting point for extended mountaineering.

Gasthof Bergkristall:Gasthof Bergkristall is a hotel miraculously built into the foothills of the mountain. each room is individually carved out of the sheer mass of the rock. therefore none of the rooms look the same. to rest in one of these rooms is a deeply touching experience. you immediately feel the force of the mountain. Gasthof Bergkristall offers four rooms.

the schinkel-room opens after a steep access to a comfortably wide space, modestly lit by a long and slim vertical window at the far end, that looks over to schinkels Altes Museum in Lustgarten. the panorama-room gleams with its cinemascope view over Schloßplatz, Bauakadeie, EX-Staatsratsgebäude. the T-room contains two cosy sleeping berths located at the end of the compact corridor, facing apart from each other, one looks out on the sqare, while the other one enjoys a view into the blank sky. the palace room is a little suite in itself. the main space is accessed through a small corridor after bending over to backwards slide through a narrow in the downcoming rock; the chapel like space behind hits as a surprise, offers a view to line of palace in the sky and is brimmed with a snug atmosphere of comfort and cosyness. additional services include set breakfast, pool, showers, tourist information and a convenience set with towels, lotions, toothbrush, etc - everything to make your stay a one-off experience of personal comfort in history!


2 site specific work
the Palast der Republik is a mythical place. on of its myths is the one of the truly multifunctional building that united all kinds of programs from parliament to culture and food. even though the building was never used for the simplest and most evident of all architectural programs: housing! Gasthof Bergkristall fills this historical gap and offers the building and its context as a place to stay. berliners, tourists, the nostagics, the courious and the say-good-bye-ers mixed as guests in the little hotel. a simple access to history was created that is open to each individual and fits into the lifestory of many people. the hotel is a platform for the individual narrations of the visitors and guests. their beeing there and interpretation of the spaces and programs given contibutes essentially to the content of the place and the architecture. simply staying there for one night gives a deep experience of the political paradox that finally leads to the demolition of the Palast der Republik.

the experience of an overnight stay has three phases:
the evening: checking in, go for drink at the bar, mingle with all kinds of visitors from everywhere, listen to some music, dance, enjoy the lively summer night atmosphere in the middle of berlin.
the night: sleeping in silence. the hotel guests and watchman are the only ones left in the large void of the palast. if you need to go to the toilet, you pass along the half - ruined fassade of the Palast, walk in the cool for about 100 meters, the Schloßplatz a few feet below to your left, the Berlin Dome just in front.

the morning: the table is set for breakfast. the sun glimpses over the edge of the massive building of the palast and gives some warmth. talking about the experiences of the night just passed, strangers at the braekfast table start exchanging stories and feelings, discussions emerge linking the personal to the political, establishing a temporary palast-community, united through a common experiece. e quick jump into the freezing mountain lake refreshes for a new day.

3 team
gasthof bergkristall und bergcamp
a project by markus bader & jan liesegang, raumlabor_berlin with alexander römer
part of
volkspalast - der berg
project team:
anna modin, heike pauketat, marina braun, kerstin günther, rut de la calle, christian becker, michael kloos und ariane
funded by hauptstadtkulturfonds



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